Registered as not for profit limited company, Centro Brasileiro provides services of legal advice and psychological counselling, social assistance and help our community with searching for jobs, accommodation, teaching and general well being.

The main purpose of Centro Brasileiro is to unite the Brazilian Community, encouraging them to debate experiences in talks or open chats, as a way to help the new-comers – tourists, students or workers – to understand how is life out their own country and the best way to live here feeling “at home” just as in Brazil.

Centro Brasileiro also promotes cultural events, in a daily space for our community to socialize in, where they will be able to find a coffee shop, internet access, library, Brazilian products shop and items of interest to the community.

Centro Brasileiro has as basis the important volunteer participation of the community and professionals from different backgrounds. It can be included here, lawyers or legal advisers (registered with OISC), psychologists, interpreters, social workers or anyone who can offer a few volunteer hours in general services as reception, secretariat, and so on. Portuguese speaking doctors and dentists are also welcome, so it can be established a network of associates, with special rates for the members of Centro Brasileiro. 

Centro Brasileiro embraced an Equal Opportunity Policy, regardless of race, gender, religion, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, for users as well as for volunteers and occasional employees. It also adopted a policy of data protection, which accounts for the total privacy and confidentiality of all information given by the members to the organization.

Centro Brasileiro is a Brazilian community association, without a profitable purpose and supported by volunteer work. Therefore, your suggestions will be always welcome and can be sent by e-mail, to